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  • 🧐  Performs fact-checking across multiple sources.

    Existing AIs have struggled to be factual and cite sources, often leading to so-called "hallucinations". is different; it performs fact-checking online, and can verify content you've provided to it in attachments or content it's found while traversing the web. It is biased to more trusted sources, e.g. university research will be preferred over random blogs or sensationalist journalism.

    How accurate is it when people say that the rainforests are the “lungs of the world”?
  • 🧵  Supports MASSIVE documents and threads, and will retain long-running context. 200k+ words. That's 3x the size of The Great Gatsby.

    Lots of existing AI chat interfaces are incredibly limited in how much content you can give them. Not so with It can retain and reflect on huge amounts of content, either within emails or in attachments. So if you want to ask a bunch of questions about an entire book, go for it.

    Can you look at these studies? Then find conflicting points between them, and additional papers online to help provide signal. Also can you find out more info about the authors?
  • 📸  Parses and understands text from DOC, PDF, TXT, HTML, and even image formats including JPG, PNG, TIFF.

    You can forget about copy-pasting content. Just attach files you already have, and will figure out the rest. It even performs text-extraction on images.

    Took this photo of some text in a newspaper article today. I want to carry on reading it. Can you find it online?
  • 🔍  Conducts searches online to find, analyse and consolidate information on all topics.

    Incredibly powerful online searching can be performed, even without direct instructions. will figure out when it is appropriate to find additional information online.

    Compare news coverage of [this event] in [these countries]. Is there a local paper in [place] that's also covered it?
  • 🧠  All the usual stuff: Summarizes content, comes up with ideas, gives nuanced insights on complex problems, answers questions, writes creatively.

    This is the powerful stuff you might've grown used to while using ChatGPT or other AIs. converses fluently and competently in a variety of fields.


Pay As You Go: $5 top-up

  • 💸 FYI: $1 is roughly 8 responses
  • 📒 60,000 words per thread
  • 📎 Supports 10MB of attachments per thread

  • 🤖 ChatGPT capabilities
  • 🔎 Contextual local search
  • 🌍 Online research & citation
  • 📰 News gathering and current events
  • 🔁 Multiple Feedback Loops

Coming Soon!

  • 💬  Coming soon: A dedicated thread-informed chat interface if you get bored of email.

    If you'd like to have a faster pace chat that uses the existing context of your email thread, you'll be able to do that by visiting a simple link. This means you get the power and larger context of in the medium of a normal chat app like ChatGPT.

  • ⏰  Coming soon: Set scheduled tasks like retrieving the news or being alerted to important changes.

    E.g. "send me interesting news about climate change every morning at 9am", "remind me to book a dental appointment in three days' time, and look up dentists near Clapham in London please"

  • 💻  Coming soon: Precise calculations, charting, even more reliable data analysis without hallucinations. will soon be able to perform reliable calculations with code that it is able to share with you if you want to verify. It will be able to draw charts from data you give it and even analyze data beforehand by looking online for related content.


  • How long does it take to respond? Usually 30 seconds to 7 minutes, depending on complexity of the task. Summarizations and ideations are usually quick. Extracting data from large documents and performing searches online, however, can take quite a while.
  • Why would I use instead of an AI chat app? is tailored to tasks that might be more complex to conduct 'live' in a normal chat. It can analyze very large documents, extract meaningful insights, then search across academic journals or other trustworthy sources to verify things. Additionally: we all use email every day so a lot of our content is already there, and having a simple email address to send stuff to makes this a charmingly seamless experience.

Early Beta

Please note that is in very early development. Please contact me at [email protected] or at @padolsey if you have any questions or suggestions.

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